Contact information of AIMS Press

Contact information of AIMS Press

P.O. Box 2604
Springfield, MO 65801-2604, USA
Phone & fax: (417) 351-3204

4048 E Glen Abbey Dr
Springfield, MO 65809, USA
Phone & fax: (417) 351-3204

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Shouchuan Hu (Journal Editor)  

Propose new journals/new books

Liwei Ning (Editorial Manager)  

Editorial process (journal and books), book orders, claims

Le Qiao (Web Master)  

IT (Online Editorial System(OES), file collection, web pages)

Susan Cummins Susan Cummins (Production Manager)  

Editing and publication (journals), copyrights

Dr. Cheng Bi (Managing Editor) 

AIMS Molecular Science, AIMS Environmental Science, AIMS Genetics, AIMS Agriculture and Food, AIMS Electronic Engineering

Dr. Xu Guo (Managing Editor) 

AIMS Materials Science, AIMS Bioengineering, AIMS Biophysics, AIMS Microbiology, AIMS Allergy and Immunology

Shengjiao Pang (Managing Editor) 

AIMS Public Health, AIMS Medical Science, AIMS Geosciences


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