Title Change and Publishing Platform Transfer Statement
As of 1st June 2020, AIMS Genetics (ISSN 2377-1143) will be renamed as Global Medical Genetics ( ISSN 2699-9404). After fruitful years with AIMS Press, we have decided to publish the journal in cooperation with Thieme at https://www.thieme.com/books-main/genetics/product/5705-global-medical-genetics. AIMS Genetics will cease to consider new submission to https://www.editorialmanager.com/aims/default.aspx 1st June 2020. Pls contact the Editorial office (liuqian@tmu.edu.cn) for information regarding any submission in progress. To submit your manuscript to Global Medical Genetics from 1st June 2020, pls visit the new submission system at https://www.editorialmanager.com/gmg/default.aspx. AIMS Genetics will continue to host an archive of all articles previously published in the journal and all articles published in AIMS Genetics will remain fully accessible on this website.


ISSN (Online): 2377-1143

Publisher: AIMS Press

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